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How could your business benefit from outsourcing?

Outsourcing business functions to remote specialists has many benefits.

Business owners work with freelance specialists due to a variety of reasons.  For small business owners, outsourcing enables them to concentrate on the business and to focus on what they do best.  As for SMEs and larger corporations, outsourcing enables them to cover employees on long-term leave or to take forward a particular project, without the need for internal resource. 

What are the benefits?

Do you need more hands on deck for a specific project or task?
Would you benefit from help for a few hours per week?
Is there an employee that’s on long-term sick or maternity/paternity leave?

The advantage of outsourcing to freelancers lies in the flexibility.  Some provide retained support, which guarantees you a regular commitment, whilst others provide an ad-hoc approach.  Flexibility without paying a long-term salary or recruitment fee, what more could you ask for!

Freelance Community
A freelancer’s community is an incredibly collaborative and supportive network.  The freelancer you approach may know just the right person to help you with particular tasks, even if they can’t help you themselves.

Office Space
Can your office space accommodate another team member? If you take on a freelancer who works remotely, this isn’t something you need to worry about as they will have their own office set up externally.  Some freelancers do offer in-house working, so if it is a pre-requisite, make sure you address this issue early on.

Furniture and Technology
If you don’t have any spare chairs, desks or ICT equipment lying around, there can be a significant cost in setting up a workstation for a new team member.  Established freelancers tend to have all the kit they need, reducing the associated costs for you.

Freelancers tend to have their preferred tools for the tasks required, therefore one less cost for you to worry about.  If you want them to use specific software, then make sure you have the software licences ready. 

Furnishing your staff with pens, post-its, notepads, reams of A4 paper and printer cartridges can be costly. Admittedly this won’t break the bank, but they are a cost to factor in.  Freelancers will come prepared with pad and pen.

Many newly employed team members will require some level of training.  Freelancers on the other hand are established business owners who specialise in particular areas, so they will already be well versed in the tasks where you need help. 

Tax, NI and Pension Contributions
Unlike staff on your payroll, freelancers will sort out their own contributions. 

Holidays and Insurances
As an employer, you will need to cover the cost of employees’ time off and have the relevant insurance cover for your business.  Freelancers are only paid for the hours they work and cover the cost of their own insurances and professional memberships.

Team Dynamics
Your new staff member may be the perfect fit in terms of skills and knowledge but what happens if they simply don’t get on with others in your established team? As freelancers tend to work for a specific period of time, short periods within the office or even remotely, personality clashes are much less of a risk.  You can also trial freelancers, so if the right personality fit is an important consideration, you can easily test this with a relatively small associated cost.

So, what could you possibly outsource?

  • Administrivia (aka admin): the tiresome but essential details that must be taken care of and tasks that must be performed in running any business.
  • Specialist Skills: anything you do not feel confident about doing yourself or take too long to complete.
  • Reoccurring tasks.
  • Last but by no means least, those we procrastinate over.

Oreo PA can offer a wealth of business and project management support.  In fact, any project or task which you simply wish to GET DONE.

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